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I am a woman, a climber, and masseuse, climbing photographer, adventurer, and traveler. My big passion is to be constantly motivated, to find new goals and to achieve them, and encourage others to reach their own. I have had my art skills since I was born. I guess I was never too clever for mathematics, so my talented eyes and hands were better than my brains, and through my experiences, in sport and nature I started with photography and be become truly addicted to this kind of art.

My husband gave me a chance to make a big step into professional climbing photography where I can find myself to be most creative. I am always very thankful for my lovely husband, that he encouraged me to start with photography.


Well, let us go back a little. I was born in eastern Europe, in Kiev, moved to Slovenia as a kid, and now I am moving more around Europe, favorite countries being Spain, Greece, Croatia, and France. I finished all school obligations, graduated in radiology engineering and seems that I still need to find my dream job, which is photography and my special message, which is the mix between sports massage and Bowen technique.


I love climbing both as a climber and as a climber photographer. My goals are endless in both categories. You never know what life brings with each new step with new crazy opportunities. I am always open to new ideas. And climbing is the best sport to be complete with your body and soul to achieve creative and beautiful photography which takes your spirit to peace. Travel, climbing, taking photos and helping with, hands make me alive and be myself. 


Enjoy your life and be creative all the time. Stay open-minded and do some good work you will remember.


email: kecuca@gmail.com                  

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