For me is important to provide 100 %  professional work to achieve the best quality of photos for you. Sharing my best work and enjoying a job that I love is the most important for me, which will make you happy as well. With me you become a friendly partner for a lifetime and you will enjoy the photo shooting as a game and a fun experience :-).

If you planning a climbing trip or some climbing projects and you might need photos, contact me for dates.

Let me know if you have any interest in photo shooting of your climbing or adventure holidays, or you just need photos for your webpage or for your business. Maybe you would like photo shooting of climbing groups or just some good advice on how to take good pictures in the climbing and landscape photography.

I am available all year round, and everywhere in Europe, mostly there where is sunny weather on the snow, sea or wall.  

© Anja Bečan - All right reserved

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